Critical Teaching and Learning Forum Podcast

There is now a podcast associated with the Teaching and Learning Forum. It can be accessed via various streaming services. Here is the list of current episodes.

Episode Four: Comic Books and Critical Pedagogy

The guest on this episode of the podcast is Kevin Pyle, a comic artist and working teacher. He is the author of a number of books, including Bad for You, Take What You Can Carry and Blindspot. He has also helped create comics that focus on the issues of wage theft, migration and the prison industrial complex. His non-fiction graphic work has also appeared in the LA Times. In the conversation, he discusses how he connects political commitments to comic art, and what that looks like in the classroom. I encourage you to check out his work at

Episode Three: Immigrant Student Activists Fighting for Justice

The guest on this podcast is Giovana Castaneda, a youth leader at Make the Road New Jersey in Elizabeth, NJ and a student at Rutgers – Newark. Giovana has been an activist since she was 16 years old, focusing on immigrants’ rights and workers’ rights. She is currently involved in an effort to remove police from Elizabeth’s public schools. In the conversation, she discusses the criminalization of students, getting the receipts via Open Public Record Act (OPRA) requests and making unexpected connections.

Information about Make the Road New Jersey can be found here: 

Episode Two: Presence and Socioemotional Health in Correctional Education

The guest on this podcast is Bill Muth, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. Bill spent many years as an educator working in correctional institutions and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Hope House, a non-profit organization that helps families separated by prison to remain connected through literacy projects, video conferencing, summer camps and other activities. He is a founding co-editor of The Journal of Prison Education and Reentry and the author of the recent Fathers, Prisons, and Family Reentry: Presencing as a Framework and Method.

Episode One: Critical Pedagogy in the Suburbs

This episode features a discussion with Andy Beutel, a middle-school social studies teacher working in suburban New Jersey. Andy discusses the need for critical pedagogy in contexts where students’ experience of privilege limits their ability to empathize with communities they have little contact with. Andy shares samples lessons and explains his approach to helping students rethink their frames of reference when it comes to issues like immigration, Islamophobia and how social class impacts health outcomes. Samples of Andy’s writing on this topic can be found here and here.