Mini-lesson and Discussion (May 6th, 8 PM EST US): Language, Race and Literacy Pedagogy

Language, Race and Literacy Pedagogy

Erik Jacobson

May 6th, 8:00 PM to 9 PM

This mini-lesson will explore working with in-service and pre-service teachers around issues of race, language and literacy pedagogy. The presentation will focus on three key ideas: 1) The selection of texts for sample lessons that create implicit openings to discuss race and language, 2) Explicitly making racial dimensions of language an object of study in the classroom, and 3) Problematizing teachers’ own use of language. After sharing examples, participants in the mini-lesson will have opportunities to share their ideas and questions. After examining the thee key points, there will be time for an open discussion. Although the initial examples will be drawn from a teacher education program, the presentation and discussion should be relevant to teachers working in a variety of contexts

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