New Podcast Episode: Writing and Learning While Incarcerated

The guests on this episode of the podcast are Cynthia Peters and Sergio Hyland. Cynthia Peters works at World Education where she is the editor of The Change Agent – a magazine featuring pieces written by adult learners, with a focus on social justice. Cynthia also provides professional development to adult education teachers and staff. Sergio Hyland is an author, speaker, and human rights activist. He also works as an organizer in Philadelphia for the Working Families Party. While incarcerated, Sergio was a frequent contributor to the Change Agent., and during the discussion Cynthia talks about how Sergio’s work is a great representation of the philosophy informing the magazine. Sergio then shares his experience of writing while incarcerated, talks about mentors who shaped his thinking and identifies systemic and structural issues that are at the root of so many problems.

You can listen to the episode here.

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