New Podcast Episode: WE LEARN – History and Future

This episode of the podcast features a conversation about the history and future of WE LEARN – the Women Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Network. WE LEARN is an organization that promotes women’s literacy as a means of fostering empowerment and equity for women. In the conversation I am joined by three leaders of WE LEARN. The first is Mev Miller, the original founder of WE LEARN and veteran community educator and activist. The second is Stacie Evans, a long-time WE LEARN board member and adult educator. The third is Jaye Jones, director of WE LEARN’s advisory committee and higher education administrator. The conversation begins with Mev explaining how WE LEARN began and then covers what it has accomplished over the last two decades. A key point is how work related women’s literacy has played out differently in community-based projects and academia. WE LEARN has always kept the focus on women’s experiences as learners and amplifying student voices, and the three guests share insights about what that has meant to them, and what the implications might be for the field of adult education.

You can listen to the episode here.



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